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Call to Artists

As part of our continuing commitment to encouraging local authors, makers, and artists, Inkwood Books is launching Inkwood Arts, a rotating selection of local art to be displayed and sold at Inkwood, starting Dec 2018.  

We are looking for South Jersey artists to show at Inkwood books for rotating monthly displays.  Artists whose submissions are chosen will be invited by Inkwood books to display their 2D or 3D artwork for a designated month, during which time the artwork will be on sale. 

How Inkwood Arts will work:

  • Inkwood will handle sale of the artwork in exchange for a 15% commission for each piece sold.

  • Inkwood will promote the artist and their work on its social media, email newsletter, and in the store.  The artist is expected to similarly promote the show on their various platforms.   

  • Space will be available for the artist to display business cards, artist statement, contact info, etc. near their artwork during the month.

  • If the artist would like to have a reception for friends and family, we’ll provide the space during regular business hours, on a mutually agreeable day and time to be determined.

  • Artists will be paid for their sales by check, upon pickup of the remaining artwork at the end of the month. 

Artwork Requirements:

  • Art will need to fit on the shelves available- approximately 45” x 35” for the largest single space, another 45” x 23” shelf, 2 shelf spaces at approx. 29” x30”, plus a radiator shelf space approx. 12” x 65”.

  • Art should be “gallery ready”: i.e. canvases should be stretched, works on paper should be framed. It will rest on display shelves (it won’t be hung), so it should be rigid and well protected, and able to stand on its own, leaning against a wall. If your artwork is 3D or if it requires unique display options, please communicate this in your email.  If we like it, we’ll try and find a way to make it work!

  • Artists will provide Inkwood with a master list of the artwork being displayed with title, medium, size, and price, and all art must be clearly labelled on the back with same.

  • As Inkwood is a retail location, space is limited and artwork that would be fine in a gallery may not be the right fit – physically, thematically, or otherwise – for our store.  All art shown at Inkwood is at the discretion of Inkwood staff.


Artists interested in showing should send links to examples of their artwork, with a short description of their work, to . If you do not receive communication back from us, please assume we’ve determined that unfortunately your artwork won’t be a good fit for our store at this time.

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