Inkwood Books is a proudly independent bookstore.

We are committed to not just showcasing, but celebrating, diversity in books—from consistently selecting Inkwood Book Club titles by authors of various backgrounds, to partnering with the Camden County Pop Up Library to get books to under-served communities. We strive to uplift diversity by welcoming a wide range of readers, especially those who have been historically underrepresented in the reading community because of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.


Part-time Bookseller (12-15 hours per week)

Inkwood Books is looking for a computer-proficient, avid reader with great customer service skills. While the primary role will be as a bookseller, we offer plenty of opportunities for booksellers to specialize in areas of interest after training, such as Storytime, book clubs, event planning, book buying, coordinating with local schools, and more. Some evening and weekend availability is required. We ARE NOT seeking temporary Summer help. We are looking for booksellers interested in long-term employment.

If you meet these qualifications and are interested, please send your resume and a rough idea of your availability to


  • Ideal applicants are friendly, easygoing, and adaptable, with excellent communication skills and a willingness to learn.

  • Booksellers must be committed, open-minded readers who are willing to explore different genres and new authors. 

  • Booksellers must be computer-proficient, as the position involves using a point-of-sale system with an extensive database.

  • The position also requires the ability to do in-depth, online searching for books—sometimes with incomplete information (i.e., a customer needs help finding a book but doesn’t know the author/title).

  • This position can involve physical activity, including carrying and unpacking heavy boxes, shelving and reorganizing books, reaching high shelves, frequently walking throughout the store to assist customers, and taking out trash and recycling.

  • Previous experience in customer service, libraries, or retail is a plus, but not required. Passion to support small, independent businesses in general is also important—although we will quickly indoctrinate applicants!


Daily Responsibilities

  • Assisting customers with book selections, including offering recommendations and helping locate books in the store.

  • Operating cash register, answering phones, and responding to emails.

  • Using point-of-sale system and industry search tools to preorder, special order, and search for titles for customers.

  • Processing web orders from store website and adding them into point-of-sale system.

  • Contacting customers when special orders, web orders and preorders are ready for in-store pickup or preparing to be shipped.

  • Receiving daily book deliveries and entering them into the point-of-sale system’s inventory.

  • Accurately shelving books and performing regular shelf-reading.

  • Maintaining various window and table displays.