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Inkwood Books loves working with our local schools, educators, teachers and PTAs!  Inkwood can work with your school for author and illustrator visits, provide pricing quotes and order books, organize in-school and in-store book fairs, and more. Below are a few ways we love to connect with schools and bring great books to students in our area.  We are always open to suggestion so please reach out to Julie anytime you want to bounce around a new or creative idea!

  • Author/Illustrator School Visits:  Inkwood books can help bring authors and illustrators to your school!  We have lists of available authors in our area, and also work with publishers to bring authors to schools for free in exchange for books sales to students, teachers, and your school.  We can also facilitate pre-orders and same-day sales for author events your school or PTA has arranged on its own.

  • School Orders: Inkwood can order books for your classrooms and media center.  Just send us a list of books you need, and we’ll send you a price quote for a PO, or let us know and we’ll work with you to develop a list of hot titles to fit your needs.  We offer competitive discounts to schools and provide free delivery. 

  • Book Fairs:  Inkwood Books offers both in-store and in-school book fairs.  

    • Themed In-School Book Fair:  We can help develop a smaller, themed book fair perfect for your needs.  Want to give the kids a head-start on summer reading?  Let’s hold a Summer Reading book fair at the end of the school year with titles on your required lists, or a selection of suggested titles.  Work with a sister school or non-profit?  We can develop a buy-one give-one sale, or book drive to boost your program.  Reach out to us and we can help you develop a book tie-in to just about anything your school may be promoting.

    • In-store Fundraiser:  This is one of the easiest ways to work with Inkwood Books.  We coordinate with you to pick a good day, add on some fun things such as raffles, snacks, crafts, teacher story time, or teacher wish-lists, and you work with your school community to promote the fundraiser. Inkwood will donate a percentage of the days’ sales at the end of the event.

    • Online Virtual Book Fair: Inkwood Booksellers work with your Teachers and Educators to develop curated lists of books for students to choose from. In addition to our recommendations, which can be found here, parents and kids can also add anything from our online shop to their book fair selections to earn credit for your school. This option is great for schools who want to have a book fair without a physical presence, such as during the summer or other times when the school building is closed. This option also allows for far flung parents, grandparents, alumnae, and other school supporters to purchase books without having to come into town. 

  • General In-School Book Fair: We can work with your media specialists and teachers to curate a selection of books from ALL major publishers to bring to your school. In-school book fairs include experienced Inkwood booksellers on-site to help select books, and access to our database of books that can be ordered and delivered quickly even if not on-site at the fair. 


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