We will be adding the options of pickup outside the store, and contactless local delivery on in-stock items as of May18th, in compliance with the Governor's Executive Order 142. Our in-store operations will still be closed, and interactions will all be as contactless as possible.

We want to thank all our loyal customers for the support you all have shown in these difficult times. We appreciate your patience and cooperation in as we navigate these new changes!

Stay healthy and keep reading!

                                 -Julie & the Inkwood Booksellers


We look forward to being able to welcome all our readers to the new store itself someday soon, but for now, instructions are as follows: 



  • TWO ways to order:
    • PHONE: Mon-Sat, 11am-3pm: CALL 856-429-1298. Staff will not be in the store to take calls at any other time. 
    • EMAIL: inkwoodnj@gmail.com
  • Orders MUST be PRE-PAID, via credit card or PayPal. No cash or impulse purchases will be accepted at this time. 
  • WAIT for confirmation & pick-up time. Sorry, but right now we will not be able to respond to "I was in the neighborhood!" taps on the window!
  • Come by the NEW Inkwood Location (106 Kings Highway East) at the SCHEDULED pick-up time.
  • Your order will be waiting for you on the cart outside, labeled for pick-up. 
  • Go home and read!



  • TWO ways to order:
    • Online at www.inkwoodnj.com/shop
    • Mon-Sat, 11-3: CALL 856-429-1298. Staff will not be in the store to take calls at any other time. 
  • If delivery or pick-up is an option, we will notify you. (These options only work if we have the book in stock at the physical store, and we are still stocking up and unpacking after our move.)
  • Otherwise books will ship from our warehouse, as they have been during the lockdown. 
  • Stay home and read!

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